Practice Areas

Criminal Law

We represent individuals charged with misdemeanors and all classes of felonies, as well as probation violations.  Our representation occurs from the setting and posting of bail, to consultation with witnesses and finally trial or plea in District or Superior Court. We aggressively negotiate with the District Attorney on our client’s behalf and seek the most advantageous judgment available from the Court. If a client is eligible, we assist in having a prior criminal conviction expunged from their record.

Traffic and DWI

We handle all manner of traffic violations. A simple traffic ticket can cause you to receive unwanted insurance and drivers license points that may result in substantially increased insurance premiums and the loss of your license. We seek to ensure our clients are protected from these results. In most traffic matters, our clients never need to appear in Court and consultations can generally be conducted via phone, fax or email.

We also represent those charged with driving while impaired (DWI). DWI’s are very complicated charges that in some instances can require lengthy jail sentences.  We assist clients in defeating insufficient charges, minimizing required jail time and obtaining limited driving privileges to allow the client the ability to work and care for their family.

Real Estate

We represent individuals and businesses buying and selling property.  From drafting a purchase agreement to conducting the title search and handling the closing, our staff provides one-on-one attention to the client.  We assist clients who have problems concerning unlawful timber cutting, boundary line disputes, and landlord-tenant issues. We also help landowners and developers with financing, developing or enforcing restrictive covenants and handling zoning issues.

Wills and Estate Planning

We assist clients in preparing wills, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and living wills.  We counsel married couples and single individuals and structure each client’s plan to their particular needs.  When necessary we consult with other tax professionals and financial planners to ensure the client’s goals are met.  We also provide legal advice and guidance for those administering an estate, from the opening of the estate, through the payment of debts, sale of assets and distributions to heirs, up to the final accounting.  We provide peace of mind to our clients dealing with these overwhelming and difficult tasks.

Bankruptcy Law

We advise clients about options related to debt issues.  We assist clients in filing bankruptcy Petitions, appear with and for them in Federal Court and try to save their homes, cars or other important assets, while also disposing of their debts.  This area of law is complex, but most individuals obtain substantial relief from our counseling.

Contract Law

We have extensive experience with drafting contracts, including business contracts, family law contracts and real estate contracts.  We also assist clients with the interpretation and enforcement of contracts.  Our attorneys have considerable experience in litigating contract issues and helping clients receive a reasonable resolution when one cannot be obtained through negotiations.

Family Law

We advise clients on a regular basis about their rights and responsibilities when a marriage is not going well.  We have extensive experience negotiating marital disputes concerning custody, child support, property division and alimony.  When our clients need assistance from the Court, we file and prosecute legal actions to protect their rights in these areas.  We also assist clients with adoptions, grandparent custody and visitation actions, 50B (Domestic Violence) Protective Orders, Emergency custody actions and all other domestic relations matters.

Business Law

We assist clients with forming corporations, limited liability companies and various types of partnerships.  Our attorneys help clients prepare necessary documentation for filing with the Secretary of State, and we prepare By-Laws, Operating Agreements, Minutes and other documents needed to administer small and medium sized business organizations.  We counsel with clients on which type of entity is best suited for their particular needs and we advise them on how to manage their business affairs.