Firm History

Farver, Skidmore and McDonough, LLP is the successor to the law firm of Gwyn and Gwyn that was established in Reidsville in 1954.  The original partners, Julius J. Gwyn (1927-2003) and Allen H. Gwyn, Jr. (1922-1999), opened an office to primarily serve the citizens of Rockingham and Caswell counties, and over the past 53 years the firm has handled matters all across the State.  In 1961, the Gwyn brothers moved their original law office from 207 S. Scales Street to the firm’s present location at 108 South Main Street in Reidsville.

The firm’s storied history includes being the professional home to former Reidsville Mayor Julius J. Gwyn and former Chief Resident Superior Court Judge Melzer “Pat” A. Morgan.  Partners in the firm have routinely served as officers for the 17A Judicial District Bar representing Rockingham County, including the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.  The firm has remained very stable over the past five decades, adding partners H. Craig Farver in 1981 and Scott K. Skidmore in 2001, and keeping staff members, in some cases, for more than twenty years. This stability has allowed the firm to be well known and established in the community and well respected by attorneys, judicial officials, law enforcement and government officials at all levels.  Many of the firm’s clients come to them because of the work performed for and reputation with their parents and grandparents, and the firm’s clientele has included all sections of the community, from large businesses and wealthy individuals to “mom and pop” shops and the indigent.

We at the firm are personally and professionally committed to the highest standards of legal ethics and legal representation of our clients. All of the partners are licensed by and in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar and all are members of the Rockingham County Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Association and certain sections of the association dedicated to advancement of professional competence in their respective areas of practice.

The firm location provides abundant, convenient and free ground-level parking with easy access to the first floor offices with easy wheelchair accessibility, close to commercial and banking interests in Reidsville and a neighborhood environment for our clients.